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Senshi Name: Sailor Moo (aka: the Princess of the Moo Kingdom) Likes: goats, bunny rabbits, verbally abusing freshmen
Secret Identity: Julie Kwaites Dislikes: freshmen, school, tall people
Occupation: student Strengths: displays leadership abilities during crisis
Weaknesses: neglects demonstrating leadership abilities when not in crisis, obsesses over guys who wear tuxedos far too frequently
Has a Weird Obsession With: guys who wear tuxedos, guys who have cool mechanical pencils, her Platinum Nintendo 2064, "Mooish" things
Why People Think She's Odd: she obsesses over odd things like guys who wear tuxedos
Senshi Most Like: Sailor Moon Super Powers: Moo Frisbee!
Moo Slinky--Surround!
MMM B%*ch Attack!
MMM Mongoose!
Moo Spastic Elastic Plastic Kiss!
Why? both are leaders of their respective senshi, both are actually princesses, both own talking cats, both obsess over guys who wear tuxedos
Why Not? Usagi eats when she's bored, but Julie prefers verbally abusing the other senshi Typical Quote: "Damn Freshmen."

Senshi Name: Sailor Unico Likes: reading
Secret Identity: Mallory Leigh Dislikes: math, getting confused
Occupation: student Strengths: possesses the ability to remain relatively sane amongst a group of higly psychotic people
Weaknesses: tends to get confused a lot
Has a Weird Obsession With: no weird obsessions, remember: she's the (relatively) normal one
Why People Think She's Odd: because she likes reading
Senshi Most Like: Sailor Mercury Super Powers: The Sea is Always Good!
Butterfly Earthquake!
Starlight Einhorn Mirage!
Sailor Sushi Power--Attack!
Why? both possess the ability to remain relatively sane amongst a group of highly psychotic people, both were given cool gadgets (aka: Ami's super computer and Mallory's transportation device)
Why Not? whereas Ami always seems to know what to do, Mallory tends to get confused a lot Typical Quote: "Wait ... I'm confused."

Senshi Name: Sailor 24601 Likes: sleeping
Secret Identity: Niki Reneir Dislikes: waking up, French, math, people who don't shower often
Occupation: student Strengths: possesses the ability to sleep through anything, showers daily
Weaknesses: the inability to wake up (especially in times of crisis), extreme illnesses for excessive amounts of time, tends to not care . . . ever
Has a Weird Obsession With: video game walruses
Why People Think She's Odd: because she has a weird obsession with video game walruses
Senshi Most Like: Sailor Saturn Super Powers: Growth Stunt!
Walrus Peprally!
Dead Snake!
Green Jello Typhoon!
Sailor Sushi Power--Attack!
Why? both have super evil alter egos, both have lack of height, both are constantly sick (as in health)
Why Not? whereas Hotaru is at times, quiet and reserved, and is a very deep and thoughtful person, Niki is almost never quiet and reserved, highly shallow, and tends to never think . . . ever Typical Quote: "I wanna be fat like him! All round in the middle and have my legs taper down into a fin."

Senshi Name: Sailor Psychy (aka: Sailor Psychopath) Likes: attempting to bite people's ears and/or heads off
Secret Identity: Valerie Champain Dislikes: blonde invisible people, French, lowfat cheese
Occupation: student Strengths: is always ready to kill someone
Weaknesses: tends to wanna kill the wrong people
Has a Weird Obsession With: biting people's ears and/or heads off
Why People Think She's Odd: she talks to her invisible friend, often attempts to bite people's ears and/or heads off
Senshi Most Like: Sailor Jupiter Super Powers: Psychotic Scream!
Rabid Lemmings Meditation!
Twilight Hallucination!
Sailor Sushi Power--Attack!
Why? both are always the first to fight off the bad guys with their extraordinary strength (or not), both were at first feared by normal people
Why Not? Makoto is misunderstood but Valerie is feared for a reason; Makoto enjoys cooking and cleaning but Valerie would much rather jump off a cliff; Makoto is the abnormally tall senshi, and Valerie is not Typical Quote: "Do you think my powers involve biting people's ears off? ‘Cause, that'd be cool."

Senshi Name: Sailor Unknown Likes: herself
Secret Identity: Bob (former invisible friend) Dislikes: everyone else
Occupation: a now visible invisible person posing as a student Strengths: the fact that she was once invisible gives her the ability to turn invisible again
Weaknesses: is almost always b*tchy, doesn't get along with anyone
Has a Weird Obsession With: the future selves of guys who wear tuxedos
Why People Think She's Odd: they don't think she's odd, they just think she's a b*tch
Senshi Most Like: Sailor Venus Super Powers: Invisible Shock!
Pink Smelly Skunk Attack!
Sailor Sushi Power--Attack!
Why? both were the last inner senshi to show up, both were senshi prior to the other senshi's callings, both are blonde
Why Not? whereas Minako is sweet and cute, and everyone likes her, Bob is stupid and bitchy, and no one likes her Typical Quote: "Hey, don't call me blonde!"

Senshi Name: Sailor Mini Moo Likes: Julie's Platinum Nintendo 2064
Secret Identity: Alex / Alexia, Princess of the Moo Kingdom Dislikes: evil cloaked men
Occupation: Sailor Moo and the Prince Who Likes Coke and Peanuts' daughter from the future Strengths: possesses the ability to change into Alex at will; being from the future, she also possesses heightened strength as a senshi
Weaknesses: her hermoaphroditic abilities sometimes causes problems (and confusion)
Has a Weird Obsession With: ugly, evil guys named Jeff
When Does She Show Up? The Prince introduces Alexia to Sailor Moo when the senshi get transported to Nakodish for the first time
Senshi Most Like: Sailor ChibiMoon Super Powers: Moo Slurpy Surprise!
Moo Split Reflection!
Why? both are from the future and the daughters of their respective senshi leaders and guys who wear tuxedos
Why Not? unlike Chibiusa who is abnormally short with pink hair, Alexia is tall with blonde hair; then there's that whole changing sex thing . . .

Senshi Name: Sailor Ecco Likes: animals (especially the harmless kind)
Secret Identity: Vanessa Stegmen Dislikes: being persued by scary B*tches
Occupation: student Strengths: possesses the ability to morph into animal form, can occasionally read the future in fires
Weaknesses: often morphs into animals that can't do anything, sets things on fire a lot
Has a Weird Obsession With: black cat named Malcolm (he is her lover trapped in animal form)
When Does She Show Up? Sailor Ecco appears at the beginning of season two as a pig that is being persued by the B*tches (she transforms back into Sailor Ecco shortly after)
Senshi Most Like: Sailor Mars Super Powers: Anthropomorphism!
Shinu Warui Neko Shinu!
Why? both can see prophecies in fires, both throw pieces of paper at bad guys, both have animal companions (aka: Rei's crows, Vanessa's cat)
Why Not? unlike Rei's attacks and prophecies which are usually very useful, Vanessa's do absolutely nothing; Vanessa's not a priestess

Senshi Name: Sailor Chocolaté (with an accent on the TE) Likes: art of any kind
Secret Identity: Eva Deness Dislikes: doors, Time
Occupation: mysteriously ageless Gateway Through Time guardian who poses as a student to help the senshi Strengths: possesses the ability to control and stop time at whim
Weaknesses: is forbidden to break four taboos, including controlling and stopping time at whim
Has a Weird Obsession With: Now and Laters
When Does She Show Up? halfway through season two, Sailor Chocolate, knowing that the senshi are in danger from the B*tches's evil plot, brings the senshi through time to warn them of the approaching danger
Senshi Most Like: Sailor Pluto Super Powers: Mists Of Time - Unravel!
Web Of Time - Reveal!
Why? both are the mysteriously ageless guardians of the doorway through time
Why Not? Whereas it is most likely that Setsuna, as the senshi of time, can tell time, Eva, can not

Senshi Name: Sailor Special K Likes: Mountain Dew and cashews
Secret Identity: Kristina MacBryde (aka: Special K) / Mountain Dew and Cashews Dislikes: being evil
Occupation: bad guy turned good guy; student Strengths: her normalty rivals that of Sailor Unico; she's a very talented musician
Weaknesses: tends to over analyze situations; often states the obvious
Has a Weird Obsession With: Mountain Dew and cashews
When Does She Show Up? in season one as Mountain Dew and Cashews, she and RA condemned the senshi to the Dimension of Unspecified Time which sent them to Nakodish
Senshi Most Like: Sailor Neptune Super Powers: Dimension of Unspecified Time!
Big Scary Sophomoric Attack!
Double Big Scary Sophomoric Attack!
Frosted Turbulence!
Why? both are musically inclined (violin, piano) and both tend to be more classy and intelligent than the other senshi
Why Not? unlike Michiru, Kristina sometimes becomes violent around the other sensi and attacks them with her violin bow (or whatever else is handy)

Senshi Name: Sailor Meow Likes: Bob, cats
Secret Identity: Lisa (Kitty) Leanor Dislikes: hit and runs, people who abuse freshmen
Occupation: current freshman Strengths: not afraid of anything (except cockroaches)
Weaknesses: not able to remember people's names or faces
Has a Weird Obsession With: talking to non-talking cats, Bob
When Does She Show Up? she is the mysterious and powerful tenth senshi who shows up in season three to help the other senshi withstand the attack on Earth by senshi from outer space
Senshi Most Like: Sailor Uranus Super Powers: Chilly Cat Scream!
Meat Pies Attack!
Why? both are strong; both like girls
Why Not? Lisa is much younger than Haruka; Lisa is a Messiah Typical Quote: "I am not a tomboy freshman, damn it!"

SMoo Randomness:
Julie: In the name of the Moo Kingdom, and for Valerie and Niki's sake, who have both been royally screwed up by that horrible singing pineapple man you forced them to watch, I will punish you!