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Sailor Moo Radio Play!

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Welcome to the Sailor Moo Radio Play! SMoo fan RJ and Valerie, the creator of SMoo, are teaming up to bring you a radio play adventure starring all of your favorite senshi. From the first episode to the last, now you can do more than read Sailor Moo, you can listen to it too. Find out how to be a part of the radio play team!

Click here to see the cast for Season One!

How does a radio play work?

The original SMoo episodes will be rewritten into a new script format, ideal for an audio adventure with voice actors and Krystina the Cat narrating. Each episode script will be sent to the voice actors who will record their voices at home and then upload the audio files to the website. Valerie will edit the individual voices together, add sound effects and music, and upload the final product online for your listening pleasure.

What episodes are planned for the radio play?

We're going to start with season one, episode one, and keep going for as long as we can. The radio play episodes will follow the SMoo story as it is written now with a few new surprises.

How do you record voices?

Recording voices with your computer at home is easy. All Windows computers come with a Sound Recorder in the Accessories toolbar in the program list. With the sound recorder, you just press the red button to record and talk into your computer's microphone. For better sound quality or if your computer does not have a built-in microphone, you can buy a microphone for cheap at a store like Circuit City or Best Buy and just plug it into your computer.

Click here to download Audacity, a free, cross-platform sound editor for recording and editing sounds. Easy to learn and highly recommended!

How do I audition for the radio play?

Click here to find out how to audition and what character roles are still available.

If you have any questions about the radio play, email us here. (sailorpsychy@yahoo.com + solarsailors@hotmail.com)

Link to the Sailor Moo Radio Play:

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