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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moo Quiz

1. When Julie Kwaites found out for the first time that she was Sailor Moo, what did Krystina give her?
an udder-shaped pendant
a moo-spotted rhombus
Alex's really cool mechanical pencil

2. Where did Julie first meet the three girls who were destined to become Sailor Senshi?
in Saturday school (damn assistant principal)
in detention (damn assistant principal)
in the assistant principal's office (damn assistant principal)

3. What did Candicinsm do to the Senshi that, to them, was more painful than death?
she made them listen to the Backstreet Boys
she made them listen to N'Sync
she made them listen to Britney Spears

4. What club do the Senshi pretend to be members of in order to hold their secret meetings?
SPAAK (The Society Of People Who Can't Spell)
SPORK (The Society Of People Who Think They're Aliens)
SPEAK (The Society Of People Who Don't Have Tongues)

5. Where does Rootbeer and Almonds and Mountain Dew and Cashews accidently condemn the Senshi?
to Hell
to Country Club High (easily confused with Hell)
to Nakodish (also easily confused with Hell)

6. When the Senshi first meet the Fairy Who Likes Coke and Peanuts, what does he warn them against?
wearing cardboard wings (they itch)
doing favors for guys who wear tuxedos
buying things from WalMart

7. When the Senshi found out from the Fairy Who Likes Coke and Peanuts that they had died in past lives, what was their immediate response?
they thought it was cool
they conjugated the verb "to die"
they tried to get away from the obviously insane Fairy

8. According to the Prince Who Like Coke and Peanuts, the Princess of the Moo Kingdom tried to do what after running away from her kingdom?
she tried to become a goat herder
she tried to drown herself in the river of coke
she tried to harvest peanuts for a living

9. When Bob became visible, how did Valerie respond to the first sight of her ex-invisible friend?
she was excited because now no one would think she was insane
she was sorry that Bob was blonde
she was disappointed because she doesn't like visible people

10. Even in the future, Julie refuses to let her daughter, Alexia, play with what?
her Platinum Nintendo 2064
her super transportation device
Alex's really cool mechanical pencil

11. During her fight with Jeff, Evil, Evil, Jeff (dum dum dum), Julie gets her new super powers by drinking what popular soft drink?
Diet Coke
Pepsi One
Mountain Dew

12. Much to everyone's surprise, it is revealed that Jeff, Evil, Evil, Jeff (dum dum dum) is in love with whom?
Tuxedo Dego

13. When battling Professor Smeezer and Bentfence, the Senshi (thanks to Mallory) realize that their attacks are not working because:
as mere freshmen, the Senshi are too weak to hurt their enemy
extra layers of fat are protecting the enemy
the enemy's super calculators are blocking the attacks

14. Alexia believed that she could never become a true Sailor Senshi because:
she didn't age appropriately and is therefore too weak
she is in love with the enemy and that is forbidden
she's a hermaphrodite: true Senshi must be women

15. When the four Inner Senshi die, their bodies melt away into:
unicorn pee, green jello in the shape of a walrus, coolness in a jar, and the ancient Chinese symbol for "ogre"
horse manure, molded cheese in the shape of a walrus, pink hairspray in a can, and the ancient Chinese symbol for "sleep"
goat droppings, melted ice cream in the shape of a walrus, peanut butter in a jar, and the ancient Chinese sumbol for "moron"

16. Julie's inner hidden power that came out during the final battle versus Mr. Mister turned out to be:
the All-Powerful Udder-Shaped Crystal
the Legendary A$$ Penny
the Holy Milk Pail

17. When Mr. Mister's secret identity was revealed, he turned out to be a character from what famous Adam Sandler SNL comedy sketch?
Cajun Man
Opera Man
Gap Girl

18. The last line of the first season of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moo is . . .
"Tuxedo Dego, I want you to run your arms all over my body!"
"wait . . . I'm confused"
"don't you hate when that happens?"

SMoo Randomness:
Julie: So, Tuxedo Dego . . . What'd you say if we go ahead and ditch these kids, hop in the backseat of Lauren’s car and … you know …