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Which SMoo Senshi Are You Most Like?

Always wondered which senshi's place you'd take over if one of the SMoo senshi were to suddenly and mysteriously vanish without a trace? Well, here's your chance to find out which senshi's personality is most like your own.

I tried really hard to get this quiz working properly but something in the html was screwed up, so I had to change it. Sorry for the inconvenience. >.< After you choose the answer to a question, check the chart directly following the answer you chose and see which letter (a - h) applies to your answer. Keep a tally of your letters and at the end of the quiz, pick the letter that you got most of, and find out what senshi you're most like. Enjoy! ^.^

* * * * WARNING: The contents of this quiz are not meant to be taken seriously in any way, shape, or form. Believing this quiz to be any more than amusing nonsense could prove to be harmful to your health. * * * *

1. If your friends or family members or complete strangers who don't know you at all were asked to describe you in one word, they would probably say:
1. strange
2. intimidating
3. psychic
4. mysterious
5. confused
6. bitchy
7. sleepy
8. perfect

1. D
2. A
3. F
4. H
5. B
6. E
7. C
8. G

2. You are most likely to earn a week of detention by:
1. putting on makeup and admiring your natural good looks instead of paying attention in class
2. helping a classmate with his homework because you're just so darn nice, but the teacher thinks you're cheating
3. doing something considered strange or immoral involving walruses and/or green jello
4. being so confused as to when your first detention is that you arrive late or not at all, thereby earning another detention and then another . . .
5. physically attacking a complete stranger and then attempting to gnaw of his or her ears and/or head
6. verbally and/or physically abusing those younger and (rarely) smaller than you
7. attempting to set your desk on fire in order to find out what you'll make on tomorrow's test
8. staring at your digital watch for so long trying to decipher what the numbers say that the teacher is sure you must somehow be cheating

1. E
2. G
3. C
4. B
5. D
6. A
7. F
8. H

3. If some terrible evil were to suddenly plague the earth with its vile . . . evilness, and you and your friends were forced to band together to fight against it, you would NOT be chosen to be the leader of your new superhero team because:
1. you're perfectly happy being second in command
2. you would do everything right, defeat the bad guy single handedly, and make everyone else look bad in the process
3. you're a bit too bonkers to put it nicely
4. your friends were worried that you'd sleep on the job
5. no one actually likes you
6. your friends are worried that you might set headquarters on fire
7. you might vanish mysteriously (and accidently) for days on end, leaving your friends at the mercy of the enemy
8. WHAT?!! how could you NOT be chosen to be the leader? this is not a democracy! You're the dictator!!

1. B
2. G
3. D
4. C
5. E
6. F
7. H
8. A

4. Your family is composed of:
1. what family? you disowned them years ago
2. a door that you despise with a passion
3. a mother that hates you and a father that likes you a little TOO much
4. loving parents, wonderful sisters, and filthy rich grandparents
5. you have a family, but the person you spend time with at home is your boyfriend, who unfortunately, is a bit on the hairy side
6. an annoyingly small brother, artistically challenged sister, and a mother who's never around
7. an annoying mother and an evil sister who smells bad, likes mayonnaise, and attempted to kill you once
8. you have no family . . . infact, you may not even have a house!

1. C
2. H
3. G
4. B
5. F
6. D
7. A
8. E

5. If you were given special powers with which to attack something evil, your attack would:
1. most likely involve cows or spotted things
2. involve you morphing into various harmless animals and then using their natural defenses to gain the upper hand
3. involve a lot of mist and a large stick
4. be very flashy, probably involving green jello, but would ultimately prove to be worthless
5. be strangely violent, but misguided
6. be a complete success because everything you do always works out perfectly
7. be relatively effective and quite pretty
8. be embarrasing, possibly involving skunks

1. A
2. F
3. H
4. C
5. D
6. G
7. B
8. E

6. Your biggest character flaw is:
1. you are actually a man
2. your super secret alter ego that wants to destroy the world
3. the fact that you get confused way too easily
4. your obsession with yourself
5. your obsession with guys who wear tuxedos
6. the fact that you are in love with a cat-shaped man
7. your inability to tell time
8. your strange desire to bite off people's ears and/or heads

1. G
2. C
3. B
4. E
5. A
6. F
7. H
8. D

7. If you were to suddenly wake up one morning, look in the mirror, and discover that you were, for some unexplainable reason, now a natural blonde, you would:
1. quickly come to the conclusion that, unfortunately, having blonde hair does not in any way affect your ability to tell time
2. be thrilled that you could now throw away the bleach and would never again have to worry about dark roots
3. recoil in horror, but would eventually get over it and dye it so that it's once again unnaturally red
4. be really, really confused
5. not care in the least because there are things more important than hair color to think about, like world hunger
6. care more if that blondeness came with a few extra inches of height
7. worry that the sudden color change might somehow affect your psychic readings
8. shoot yourself because you could no longer live with the humiliation

1. H
2. E
3. C
4. B
5. G
6. A
7. F
8. D

8. The man of your dreams can best be described as:
1. sweet and sensitive, if not a little gullible
2. unattractive and evil
3. having a good head on his shoulders and nicely shaped ears
4. a man with a good sense of time
5. cat-shaped
6. big, hairy, and Itallian
7. round in the middle with legs that taper down into a fin
8. perfect, but not nearly as perfect as you are

1. B
2. G
3. D
4. H
5. F
6. A
7. C
8. E

9. When not attempting to save the world, you are most likely:
1. dreaming about walruses
2. obsessing over guys who wear tuxedos
3. a man
4. writing a ridiculously long account of your adventures as a superhero
5. trying not to be confused
6. admiring yourself in the mirror
7. staring at a door
8. trying to figure out how to make your boyfriend human again

1. B
2. A
3. G
4. D
5. B
6. E
7. H
8. F

Mostly A
Mostly B
Mostly C
Mostly D
Mostly E
Mostly F
Mostly G
Mostly H

You are Sailor Moo!

You are a natural born leader. By sheer force of will (or intimidation), you work to establish yourself as the commander of others and bask in the resulting limelight. Your peers respect your leadership and willingly (or perhaps out of fear) follow you. Your ambition and desire to succeed are your biggest strengths. You also possess many dormant powers, that through the strength of your friendships, may be awakened in time for you to do much good in the world. But like all powers, your abilities have the potential for good or evil.

Along with your ambition and hidden strengths comes your equally potent jealous streak and temper. You feel that those who present a threat of some kind must be sought out and crushed immediately. Often your jealousy causes you to misjudge others, especially those closest to you. You also tend to physically and/or verbally abuse those younger and/or smaller than you.

You tend to obsess a bit when it comes to people of the opposite sex and/or frolicking goats. You also have the tendancy to magnify small faults you find in yourself and then find someone else to blame for them. When you begin to take things in perspective, you will learn how to better tolerate others and will become less easily angered and disappointed.

You are Sailor Unico!

In a crazy, mixed up world full of crazy, mixed up people, you shine as a beacon of normality. Your level head and common sense have helped you survive more than one encounter with the dark side. People turn to you for advice and often feel comforted by your sanity. Because of this, you tend to find that all of your friends are quite lacking in the sanity department themselves. Forgive them for this. It's not entirely their fault.

Though you do not aim to be in charge, situations often arise that call for your cool reasoning and leadership abilities. People are willing to follow you, and they back up the decisions you make because you know how to gain people's trust when it's needed. Just be careful not to let the power go to your head. If you do, there will come a time when others are completely dependent on you, but you can't help them because you are too overwhelmed trying to handle bad situations that have arisen without warning. Be ambitious, but always be aware of your limits.

Your biggest weakness is that sometimes you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by details and tend to get really, really, really confused. When that happens, take some time to consider the dilemma you face and then carefully choose the right course of action. Allow others, even those less intelligent than yourself, to aid you when your own quick wit fails. A little extra thinking can go a long way.

You are Sailor 24601!

You are a natural born weirdo. Everyone around you is in awe of your utter strangeness. Your peers have no reason to respect you and rarely ever take anything you say seriously. On top of your strangeness, you are inherently lazy and you perfer sleeping to doing just about anything else. Your only strength is that every now and then the random things that you so unintelligently blabber on and on about sometimes provide useful information and insight. Or not.

Though it rarely happens, every now and then your weirdness can come in handy. Because you don't tend to see and/or understand things the same way others do (aka: the normal way), sometimes your outlook on the situation can be valuable. Your few skills, though seemingly useless and idiotic, often come into play in times of dire need.

Your greatest fault is that your seemingly simple exterior serves as a cover for a dark and possibly evil nature just waiting to be awoken. If you're not careful, the secrets that you hide may be thrust suddenly into the open, causing harm to the ones you love, and aiding your would-be enemies. Be wary and take careful note of your dreams, especially those involving tusked mammals or any mention of Jesus. They could prove to be prophetic.

You are Sailor Psychy!

When people think of the definition of the word 'psychotic,' your image is usually burned into their minds. Calling you crazy would be an understatement. Although you do not have a naturally vicious nature, the violent side of you is easily provoked, often leaving the one who provoked it in pain, and/or missing an ear. Despite your psychoticness, people are usually drawn to your good attributes, including your often spastic personality, once they overcome their initial fear.

Strange as you may be, you are a loyal friend and your many strengths, both physically and less-physically, are often valuable. Although you may never be trusted with a position of leadership, your friends are willing to trust you with their lives. The unexpected and (unprovoked things) you do make you a worthy ally and a deadly adversary.

Your biggest weakness is that sometimes you rush into things without thinking, and often your pre-meditated actions don't work out exactly as you planned. When that happens, spend some valuable time restrategizing rather than rushing in again. When all else fails, use your fearlessness to gain the upperhand in bad situations. Most importantly, before acting out, try to remember that even obnoxious blonde invisible people have feelings and heads that can be easily bruised.

You are Sailor Unknown!

You often find that other people purposely try to avoid and/or injure you for one simple reason: You're a bitch. You are completely self-absorbed with everything from your "exotically gorgeous" looks to your "outstanding" personality. Your obsession with yourself causes you to look down on others which makes you treat them like shit, which in turn causes them to treat you like shit right back. It's a vicious cycle, and because you are almost always outnumbered, you're usually on the losing side.

Because you refuse to allow yourself to see your own faults, you rarely take the hint when people subtley inform you of your bitchiness, as well as when they flat out tell you that you suck. Your obliviousness to the true feelings of those around you leads some people to pity your patheticness while leading others to hate you even more. Watch your back and be wary of the things you do. There's a chance that you'll regret the consequences.

Fortunately, like a skin fungus, you tend to grow on those around you, despite the fact that they hate you. Because of this, you are genuinely missed when you're not around (but that could be because there are fewer people to physically abuse). You do possess some good traits like quick-thinking and amusing disappearing abilities, but your attitude towards others and unwillingness to help anyone in need usually keeps those qualities hidden. Try being nicer to others and you might find that others are nicer to you. Or not.

You are Sailor Mini Moo!

To put matters simply, you're perfect, and everyone hates you because of it. You have killer-looks and one of those disgustingly sweet personalities that makes everyone want to hit you with large objects just to prove that you really exist (and aren't too perfect to be injured). People may not always appreciate you, but they know that you'll always be around to help out (even though it may make them look bad in the process).

The major downside of your perfectness is that when others are around you, they tend to feel self conscious about their own personality flaws. People who don't know you well are usually intimidated by you, and those people who do know you well usually spend most of their time trying to avoid you. Being perfect isn't easy. Try being less perfect every now and then in order to make others feel better about themselves.

A common side effect of perfect people is that they are often drawn to those who are nothing at all like themselves. You tend to be attracted to the most imperfect side of the opposite sex spectrum and your love interests are usually unattractive, smelly, and evil. You are also easily sexually confused and posses hermaphroditic qualities, but don't let that interfere with your everyday life. People will learn to accept you for who you are, despite your perfectness and whether you chose to be male or female.

You are Sailor Ecco!

You possess a good natured disposition and an unnaturally devoted love for all animals, especially the small, furry, harmless kind. Because you get along with humans almost as well as you get along with animals, you easily make friends with just about everyone. Your humanity for those less fortunate extends to both animals and humans. You try very hard to be a genuine and friendly person, even to those who may not deserve your friendship. You have a strong sense of loyalty that is proven time and time again through your devotion to those you love.

Unfortunately, many people find your love for animals to be obsessive and unnatural. Even your boyfriend possesses strange (and permanent) animal-like qualities. But only very foolish people are willing to question your trust in your inhuman friends. You have proven in the past that even deceptively harmless creatures may turn out to be deadly adversaries. You are always willing to fight for your beliefs.

Along with your love of animals, you possess a strong desire to see into and understand the future and many other supernatural aspects of life. You just don't have a knack for it. Your many attempts to explain the unexplainable usually fail miserably and often involve fiery and catastrophic consequences. Learn to be satisfied with the knowledge and powers that are given to you. Some things are better left unknown.

You are Sailor Chocolaté!

You are both mysterious and wise, a guardian who is trusted with a sacred duty. A loner by nature, you have spent many years learning how to perceive and understand the interections of other people, although you rarely interact with them yourself. Even though you do not purposely seperate yourself from others, it seems that fate has deemed that you live a lonely and unsatisfied existence.

You have been blessed with many powerful gifts that can be used for good or evil. Because of your wisdom and strict discipline, you know not to abuse those powers and are rarely ever tempted to do so. However, in a situation of dire need, you will always be ready to use your powers to help those around you, even if it requires sacrificing yourself. Because of your natural loyalty, you are loved and admired by many. If a situation arises that is not easily handled, people look to your wisdom for answers.

Your one fault is that because you spend so much time acting out your sacred duty, you tend to form unreasonable grudges against the things you are forced to deal with. Like doors. Though you are gifted when it comes to handling time to your advantage, you lack the ability to tell time and are easily unnerved by this personal fault. If you continue to graciously accept your duties and if you nurture your artistic nature than you will find happiness despite your inherent loneliness.

SMoo Randomness:
Mr. Weather: I am Nervous Twitch Man! With the power to twitch my neck in a nervous and annoying way!