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Name: Tuxedo Dego Likes: Coke and peanuts, Julie, his future daughter
Secret Identity: Greg (aka: Gerg) / The Prince Who Likes Coke and Peanuts Dislikes: being interrupted, being molested by goats
Occupation: guy who wears tuxedos Who Is He Exactly? the guy Julie/Sailor Moo obsesses over far too frequently
Why is He Important? Tuxedo Dego's main reason for living is to protect Julie; as the Prince, he is her lover from the past and future, and the one who must explain the senshi's pasts to them
When Does He Show Up? The Prince shows up in Julie's dreams, and then when the senshi get transported to Nakodish; Tuxedo Dego shows up to protect Sailor Moo during one of her first battles
Sailor Moon Character Most Like: Tuxedo Kamen
Has a Weird Obsession With: Julie (of course); Alexia, his daughter from the future Why? hm . . . let's think about this one for a second
Super Powers: Spam Attack! Why Not? well, there is the whole coke and peanuts thing ...

Name: Krystina Likes: intelligent people, aiding in the fight against evil
Secret Identity: Krystina The Cat Dislikes: when the senshi act like morons (which is frequently)
Occupation: is a cat Who Is She Exactly? the cat from the future who was sent to protect the reincarnation of the Moo Princess
Why is She Important? she gives Sailor Moo and the other senshi their first transformations and she helps to identify the bad guys as well as other senshi
When Does She Show Up? while on her way to school one morning, Juli runs Krystina over, and that's when Krystina realizes that Julie is Sailor Moo
Sailor Moon Character Most Like: Luna
Why? they're both talking cats from the future who attempt to teach the leaders of their respective senshi how to be good fighters against evil
Why Not? Krystina often resorts to more drastic measures than Luna would to keep the senshi in line

Name: Mr. Walrus Likes: Niki, so long as she doesn't forget what he says
Secret Identity: The Walrus from Banjo and Kazooie Dislikes: Niki because she constanty forgets everything he says
Occupation: wise mentor Who Is He Exactly? Niki's greatest obsession / personal mentor in the shape of the walrus from Banjo Kazooie
Why is He Important? he attempts to guide Niki to do the right thing by revealing to her her destiny through dreams and prophecy
When Does He Show Up? Mr. Walrus makes appearances in Niki's dreams as well as in "Banjo Kazooie Land"
Sailor Moon Character Most Like: None

Name: The Boy Likes: Coke and peanuts
Secret Identity: Alex Karollo / Alexia in the future / The Fairy Who Likes Coke and Peanuts in the past Dislikes: being a hermaphrodite, cheap wings, poorly made clothing from Walmart
Occupation: student / foul-mouthed guide Who Is He Exactly? the guy with the cool mechanical pencil
Why is He Important? as Alex, he is the guy Julie obsesses over, as the Fairy, he acts as a guide, and as Alexia, he is Sailor Moo's daughter from the future
When Does He Show Up? Julie first sees Alex one day at school after meeting the other senshi; the senshi meet the Fairy in Nakodish and he tells his version of their pasts; Alexia is introduced to the senshi by the Prince while they are still in Nakodish
Has a Weird Obsession With: figure skating
Sailor Moon Character Most Like: none, although the whole Alexia thing can be compared with the Starlights and their changing sex abilities

Name: Polly Likes: cats
Secret Identity: none Dislikes: people who run over cats
Occupation: student / best friend Who Is She Exactly? Julie's best friend with the annoying accent
Why is She Important? she tells Julie to go help the cat (Krystina) that she accidentally ran over
When Does She Show Up? she's in episode one, and after that she mysteriously is never seen again (even though she's Julie's best friend)
Sailor Moon Character Most Like: none, although the whole Alexia thing can be compared with the Starlights and their changing sex abilities
Why? both have names that end in 'olly,' both have annoying accents, both just sort of mysteriously disappear even though they're best friends with superheroes

Name: Superheroes from the 1980s Like: the 80s, spandex, senior rings, Captain Planet (perhaps a little too much)
Secret Identities: Mrs. Stuard (Captain Stewie), Mr. Weather (Nervous Twitch Man), Mr. Mack (Twenty Dollar Bill Man), Mr. McDoormat (Bowlegged Man), Ms. Kong (Lactic Acid Lady) Dislike: Niki, poorly written essays, evil beings who try to get resurrected more than once a century
Occupation: teachers at Country Club High; superheroes from the 80s Who Are They Exactly? superheroes from the 80s who use their senior rings to call upon the power of good (and Captain Stewie) to battle the forces of darkness
Why Are They Important? back in the 80s, they had sucessfully managed to stop the never-aging Carline St. Ramen from resurrecting Pharaoh 130, and now they must do it again
Super Powers: Bowlegged Flame Sniper!
Twenty Dollar Bill Aqua Rhapsody!
Nervous Twitch Oak Evolution!
Lactic Acid Love and Beauty Shock!
When Do They Show Up? throughout season two they hold secret meetings about the true identities of the mysterious Sailor Senshi; they show up during the battle with B*tch #5

Name: Nutzi Tunz

Secret Identities: (in order) Key Key (keyboards and lead vocals), Megami Sama (piccolo), Elfyn Cracker Boy (saxophone), Timm Buktu (kazoo), I (drums), You (bass guitar)
Like: protecting the Princess of the Republic, posing as an overnight boy-band smash
Dislike: having to go back to high school, evil senshi who try to kill their Princess
Occupation: guardians of the Princess of the Republic, popular boy-band, faux high school students
Who Are They Exactly? guardians of the Princess of the Republic who come to Earth disguised as a boy band to send a message to the missing Princess through their music so that she will be able to find them; Timm is non-existent, Elfyn is half-Keebler cracker (by night); I and You are bisexual lovers
Why Are They Important? the band members become important allies to the Senshi of Earth after their identities are revealed; Megami, Elfyn, and Timm attempt to date "normal" Earth girls Mallory, Valerie, and Niki; Key Key is the Princess's sister
When Do They Show Up? Nutzi Tunz has already made it to Earth as an overnight sensation by the time the third season starts
Super Powers:
Sailor Moon Characters Most Like: the Starlights who appear in Sailor Moon Stars
Why? both are aliens from outer space who disguise themselves as a boy band in order to send messages to missing princesses
Why Not? whereas the Starlights change sex to become Sailor Senshi, Nutzi Tunz are neither senshi nor women (except for Key)
(characters are KiSS dolls designed by: Alex, Becky, Lynn, Onnanoko, Melissa McCartney)

Name: Crazy Girl Likes: running around, yelling out random words to harass people
Secret Identity: the REAL Princess of the Republic Dislikes: people who try to kill her
Occupation: princess/crazy girl Who Is She Exactly? Crazy Girl is the Princess of the Republic and Julie's illegitimate daughter from the future
Why is She Important? the Emperor believes that the Princess is the only one in her way of becoming ruler of the galaxy - what she doesn't know is that the last attack on her life left the Princess a little crazy
When Does She Show Up? Crazy Girl makes a brief appearance in the Ancient Moo Kingdom in episode 22, although it isn't until much later that the senshi of Earth realize who she is
Sailor Moon Character Most Like: Princess Kakyuu from Sailor Moon Stars
Why? both are Princesses fleeing for their lives from evil Sailor Senshi who want them dead; both have protectors who seek them out on Earth while disguised as boy-bands
Why Not? Crazy Girl, unlike Kakyuu, is kind of crazy; Crazy Girl is fortunate enough to have a decoy Princess to get killed in her place - Kakyuu is not so lucky

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