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How did the senshi pick their names?

Do you guys REALLY think you're superheroes?

Why is Sailor Moo intimidated by tall people, and why is she obsessed with frolicking goats?

Why does Sailor Unico seem to be so much more intelligent and sensible than the others?

In real-life, is Niki REALLY obsessed with walruses?

Why is everyone always so mean to Bob?

Do the creators of SMoo actually dislike blonde people?

What's the deal with Niki's sweatshirt being God?

Why is Valerie obsessed with biting ears and/or heads off?

Why is Alex's mechanical pencil so cool?

What are some of your favorite episodes?

Do you plan out episodes far in advance of writing them like JKR planned out all of Harry Potter?

Why does it take so long to update SMoo? I read the whole thing in a week!

What are some popular site features?

What's planned for the future of SMoo?

Q: How did the senshi pick their names?

A: Well, it all started one day (freshman year of high school) when Valerie, Niki, and Mallory were sitting in a hammock. Valerie thought that it would be fun to write a short story parody of Sailor Moon, packed full of inside jokes. Julie was not present. She had no say whatsoever in her becoming "Sailor Moo".

Niki was the first to make up her senshi name, "Sailor 24601". For those who are familiar with Les Miserables (and for those who are not), 24601 is the prison number of Jean Valjean who is in jail at the beginning of the musical.

Mallory decided that she would be "Sailor Unico" due to her obsession with a poorly dubbed anime of the same name.

Valerie, believe it or not, had a really hard time thinking of a senshi name. Niki and Mallory suggested that she be "Sailor Psychopath" for reasons beyond our control. Valerie agreed to this, and decided to be called "Sailor Psychy" for short. Psychy being Greek for mind since she lost hers long ago.

Q: Do you guys REALLY think you're super heroes?

A: That's a very good question. Actually, it's one we get asked quite often. That's why it's "frequently asked". And, this being a page of frequently asked questions, we thought it best that we include this question because it is one of our more frequently asked ones. Thank you for asking. And no, I am not avoiding the real question by going on and on about absolutely nothing. I'm not. Really. But you know, if we told you the truth, we'd have to kill you ... but only on Tuesdays.

Q: Why is Sailor Moo intimidated by tall people, and why is she obsessed with frolicking goats?

A: Sailor Moo is intimidated by tall people because she is not one of them. As a matter of fact, all of the inner senshi are incredibly short. We range in the heights of 5'0" - 5'3". With an average of 5'1.5". That is a really low average. Niki claims that Julie is intimidated by tall people because she has neck problems and has trouble looking up at them. This is only a rumor with no factual basis. We could ask Julie if that's true, but we fear her. As for the goats, well . . . again, I'm far too afraid to ask.

Q: Why does Sailor Unico seem to be so much more intelligent and sensible than the others?

A: That's a very good question. First I'd like to point out that intelligence is a very relative thing. When one is around people with less than average intelligence, one tends to look more intelligent simply because those around them are morons. In Niki and Valerie's defense, Mallory is older than they are by over a year. That, however, does not give Julie an excuse. But without at least one relatively normal person fighting evil, the world would have gone to Hell LONG before now.

Q: In real-life, is Niki REALLY obsessed with walruses?

A: No, Niki is not really obsessed with walruses in real-life. When we were freshmen, one time we were playing the Nintendo 64 game Banjo Kazooie (I believe it was the very night before SMoo first came into existence), and Niki thought the walrus was the cutest thing ever, and actually said "I wanna be fat like him! All round in the middle, and have my legs taper down into a fin!" And from there, the non-existent obsession began.

In SMoo, Niki has been obsessed with walruses for so long, that sometimes we forget the obsession's not real, and assume things like Niki's favorite animal is a walrus, and what she really needs for Chanamas (Niki's very own special holiday) is a walrus keychain. It's scary, really.

Q: Why is everyone always so mean to Bob?

A: Originally, no one planned on hating Bob, after all, she WAS Valerie's long-time invisible best friend, but destiny intervened . . . Julie immediately despised her because Bob had insinuated the fact that she and the Prince Who Likes Coke and Peanuts, Julie's future hubby, were CLOSE. From there, things just got out of hand. Bob isn't overly nice, nor is she considerate towards anyone other than herself (unless she can profit in some way from being nice), and the senshi responded to her inconsiderateness by treating her as though she was the lowest lifeform in existence. Which isn't entirely untrue . . .

Because EVERYONE hates Bob and treats her like crap (except for Vanessa and Eva who are nice on ocassion), Valerie started to feel bad, and a new senshi was introduced who perhaps likes Bob a little TOO much: Sailor Meow.

Q: Do the creators of SMoo really dislike blonde people?

A: No, we don't really discriminate against any hair color, although most of us are natural brunettes. The bulk of the blonde jokes are ultimately about Bob, but the funny thing is, Bob wasn't originally conceived as being blonde! B.S.M. (Before Sailor Moo), Valerie made up an invisible friend named Bob on school spirit Twin Day in junior high when she forgot to come dressed as someone's twin, and Bob was later added to the SMoo cast.

When Eva drew the very first pictures of the inner senshi, she based those images on the original Sailor Moon characters with the imaginary character of Bob as a Sailor Venus stand-in, complete with a long blonde braid. These images were drawn before Bob's introduction in the series so when Bob did appear, she appeared as a blonde, much to everyone's surprise - and chagrin. Two more-likable blonde characters were later introduced -- hermaphrodite Alexia and former evil henchman Special K.

Q: What's the deal with Niki's sweatshirt being God?

A: Once upon a time Niki went to summer camp in Colorado, and being from a much warmer place, sje had no idea that it could be that cold during the summer. It got below freezing pretty much every night and was barely making it above 60 during the days. Niki had packed shorts and tank tops. Despite having very little money, as soon as she could afford a Perry-Mansfield blue sweatshirt, she bought it. It saved her life. In short, it was God...

Q: Why is Valerie obsessed with biting ears and/or heads off?

A: Despite popular belief, the real Valerie has never actually bitten anyone, aside from in occasional childhood squabbles with her little brother. She's scratched people before, but never with intent to maim.

Although the details behind the origin of this character trait have faded with time, it is believed that "biting ears and/or heads off" was inspired by bizarre grammar stories written by a high school English teacher. This teacher believed that students would enjoy grammar more if they proofread stories about a wacky high school English class with murderous students and repetitively-named principals. Also borrowed from these stories and incorporated into SMoo are the names "Mr. Mister" and "Country Club High". Uulong Attar, a student in the grammar stories who likes to stab things with pencils made a cameo appearance in episode 8.

Q: Why is Alex's mechanical pencil so cool?

A: This is a question for the ages. I'm not sure what makes Alex's mechanical pencil cooler than the average pencil, it just IS ... What I do know is that freshman year of high school, Valerie never seemed to have a pencil left by the time seventh hour physics rolled around so she regularly borrowed one from Alex who sat next to her. It was a very nice pencil (or set of pencils, most likely). The tip was a fine .5mm. There was a finger grip for added comfortability and agility. The design was sleek, not too plain and not too flashy. Valerie has never found another pencil like it.

To show her admiration of the pencil (and to stay awake in physics), Valerie drew her hand holding Alex's pencil - WHILE actually holding the pencil (when not drawing with it). That amount of dexterity is rarely possible for non-visual artists, except when they are in possession of a very cool mechanical pencil. This drawing can be found in the SMoo gallery.

Q: What are some of your favorite episodes?

A: Although Valerie is the sole writer of SMoo, Mallory and Niki have contributed significantly over the years, creating characters, plot ideas, and inside jokes. All of the episodes of SMoo are brilliant and hilarious, but the trio have always had favorite episodes, including the Banjo Kazooie-inspired two-parter (episodes 11 and 12), the epic "Into the Woods" (with songs re-written by Mallory and Niki - episode 14), and the ridiculous "There's-Someone-In-the-House" two-parter (episodes 23 and 24).

Valerie has a number of additional episodes she is particularly proud of. The season two finale stretched across three episodes (although it wasn't supposed to) because parodying/ripping off Monty Python was just too much fun. Episode 22 was a particular challenge as Valerie was forced to explain the ridiculous and illogical logic of the SMoo-verse (Alex/Alexia, the Messiahs), and she not only managed to make it make sense, she also filled in plot holes she created after forgetting much of what was written before. The more recent Episode 30 was a lot of fun to write and is also one of Valerie's favorites.

Q: Do you plan out episodes far in advance of writing them like JKR planned out all of Harry Potter?

A: Early on in SMoo, the episodes didn't need much planning because they were fairly linear stories following the general trajectory of Sailor Moon. By season two, however, as the episodes got longer, the plots more complicated, and the characters more plentiful, the episodes became more of a challenge to write, especially without an idea of what needs to happen next. Often we'd make up a joke or characters before the episode/season is written (S.I.M.O.N, Nutzi Tunz, Mistress 13), and then Valerie would try to build plots around them.

More recently, entire episodes have been parodies of other movies and shows (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the epic Into the Woods!). Once Valerie knows what she wants to parody, she just finds the quotes and plot devices she wants to steal and goes for it. Much of the dialogue banter is created on the spot, as Valerie communes with her typewriter and Microsoft Word (formerly Corel Word Perfect).

Q: Why does it take so long to update SMoo? I read the whole thing in a week!

A: Valerie doesn't update very often because she is busy with real life which isn't nearly as fun as fighting evil in short skirts. After four years of very few updates, Valerie graduated from university and has decided to dedicate significant time to working on SMoo. If you've read all the episodes, try Ha Li Bo Tak (a very long Harry Potter parody), and if you've already read that . . . . try writing one yourself!

Valerie really appreciates the fan fiction and fan art submissions she's received, and it makes her life a little easier, 'cause she can update more often, and the people who are just DYING to read more SMoo, (faster than she can write it), can read works written by other people.

Q: What are some popular site features?

A: In the left navigation bar, there are links to lots of exciting SMoo features, and we are always planning more. In addition to 30 episodes and a dozen original stories and fan fiction, the site also features a fan art gallery, quotes section, episode synopses, and character bios. You can take quizzes to test your SMoo knowledge and talk with the creators and fans at the SMoo Proboards forum. Some exciting new features include an animated short (first in a series) and the SMoo radio play, currently holding auditions for interested voice actors!

Q: What's planned for the future of SMoo?

A: Season three will be drawing to a close soon and no more seasons are planned for SMoo. However, that doesn't mean the updates will end! Several original stories have been planned, including an epic showdown between the SMoo senshi and the original Sailor Moon senshi, as well as a story set at a senshi reunion, fifteen years in the future. More animated shorts are in the works as well. Most exciting is the SMoo radioplay that is just now getting off the ground and will be an opportunity for SMoo fans to get involved with the series!

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