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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moo: Fan Fiction

Epic SMoo Fanfic 1: "Clue" written by Sailor Unico (a ripoff off the classic 80s movie, based on the board game)

Epic SMoo Fanfic 2: "UNFAIR PLAY: A New Enemy: The Sailor Senshi Seek the Holy Cow" written by Codename B

Epic Smoo Fanfic 3: "Hey! Let's Have A Sleep Over And Get Killed!" written by CherryBlossom347

SMoo Fanfic 1: "Florida Vacation" written by Sailor Unico

SMoo Fanfic 2: "Mallory's Confusing Day At the Theme Park" written by Sailor Poogle

SMoo Fanfic 3: "Niki Finds Mr. Walrus" written by SarahKSams

SMoo Radioplay Fanfic 1: "Digimoo: A Digimon Parody" written by RJ

Other Fan Fiction by the Author of SMoo:

These stories were written YEARS ago, around my sophomore year of high school, about a year after I began writing SMoo. You can find these stories at fanfiction.net:

Eternity: The vampire guardian Miyu can offer lost souls eternity ... but the price you pay may be too great. (Vampire Princess Miyu)

Silent Awakenings: The first chapter of a two-part story taking place at the end of "S" when Hotaru is consumed by Mistress 9 as she struggles to find the strength to free herself from the darkness (Sailor Moon - the second part was never written).

Scars: Yui tries to come to terms with the knowledge that Miaka is no longer her best friend, but her country's enemy - the Suzaku no Miko. (Fushigi Yuugi)

Angelus: After failing to restore Angel to his souless self, Darla laments to Druscilla over her feelings for Angelus. (Angel - PS: the story was written during the second season and does not intentionally allude to Angel joining Wolfram and Hart in the last season, that was a coincidence)

SMoo Randomness:
Niki: It's like Kryptonite . . . only a lot worse!