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Are you dying to know what the heck SMoo is, but don't want to read all those episodes? If so, check out these plot summaries for each episode of "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moo"!

Warning! There be SPOILERS ahead!

Season One

Season Two

Season Three


Episode 1: The Graceful Change of Wacko Julie: After running over a talking cat, high school sophomore Julie Kwaites discovers that she is Sailor Moo, a reincarnated superhero of love and justice. Sailor Moo's mission is to save her home town Loserville from a dastardly cloaked villain known only as the great Mr. Mister. She begins to fulfill her destiny with the defeat of the first henchman - Jeff, Evil, Evil, Jeff.

Episode 2: All Those Other People Show Up: While serving in Saturday School for too many tardies, Julie meets three strange young freshmen - Mallory, Valerie, and Niki. The girls quickly bond, and when Julie is attacked by another one of Mr. Mister's henchmen, the freshmen learn that they too are reincarnated superheroes known as the Sailor Senshi, and Julie's new sidekicks.

Episode 3: The Past Returns: Ever since being saved by a tuxedo-wearing mystery man at the end of episode two, Julie has been obsessing over the masked hero, but her attention quickly turns to a foul-mouthed high school boy named Alex who has a really cool mechanical pencil. Julie and the senshi once again face off with Mr. Mister's henchman Jeff, Evil, Evil, Jeff, only this time he has company - Rootbeer and Almonds and Mountain Dew and Cashews!

Episode 4: The Legend of the Moo Kindom: After being banished through the Dimension of Unspecified Time, the senshi find themselves in Nakodish - the land of the Ancient Moo Kingdom. The Prince Who Likes Coke and Peanuts (Julie's husband from the future), and his servant the Fairy Who Likes Coke and Peanuts (Alex's past incarnation) retell the history of the senshi's pasts and reveal that Julie is the reincarnated Princess of the Moo Kingdom, possessing a great hidden power. The senshi are surprised to discover that Valerie's ex-invisible best friend Bob is not only visible and blonde but is the fifth member of their senshi team.

Episode 5: A Visit From The Future. The Final Battle Against Jeff: Before leaving Nakodish, the senshi are joined by Alexia, Julie and the Prince's beautiful daughter from the future. Despite heightened tensions, the senshi team prepares to face Jeff, Evil, Evil, Jeff for the last time. A carbonated beverage power-up gives Julie heightened power and she defeats Jeff, only to spare his life when it is revealed that Alexia is in love with him.

Episode 6: Mr. Mister Appears. The Great Battle Begins: After successfully defeating two sophomore-level henchmen, the freshmen senshi gain new powers for their battle against the dreaded geometry teacher, Professor Smeezer, and her daughter Bentfence. When Tuxedo Dego joins in the battle and a confused Alex stumbles across the senshi, Julie is forced to decide whom she is truly in love with. Mr. Mister's appearance marks the beginning of the final battle!

Episode 7: Everyone Dies (Again). Mr. Mister is Defeated: When Mr. Mister proves to be too powerful for Julie to face on her own, the freshmen senshi join the fight, sacrificing themselves to save their princess. Desiring to help her mom, Alexia also joins the battle, revealing that she, the Fairy, and Alex are all really one person. With Tuxedo Dgo's help, Julie discovers the unlikely place her secret powers were hidden, defeating Mr. Mister once and for all. Julie reveals Mr. Mister's surprising identity and strikes a bargain to resurrect the other senshi, bringing them back to life after their ultimate sacrifice.


Episode 8: Premonition of the World's End. A New Soldier Appears: A new school year has begun and Mallory is acting as the temporary leader of the Sailor Senshi after Julie switched to a private school for the gifted to investigate some mysterious happenings. Change is in the air as Julie teams up with Jeff, Evil, Evil, Jeff to get information about the new evil in town and Niki discovers in her dreams that she is secretly the Sleeping Messiah - only to forget it upon waking up. When the ex-freshmen senshi find themselves under attack by a member of the evil B*tches 5 organization, they are joined by a new senshi capable of morphing into animals - Sailor Ecco!

Episode 9: What's Going On? New Senshi, New Enemies, New Transformations, Old Pasts: Unable to defeat the powerful Madame Dietrich on their own, the ex-freshmen senshi call in backup, transporting Julie to Loserville for the battle. The Prince Who Likes Coke and Peanuts makes another appearance, revealing to the senshi their pasts as Guardians to the Princess of the Moo Kingdom, and the horrible deaths that they all suffered before being reincarnated.

Episode 10: Friends Become Enemies? The Sailor Senshi Divided: After giving the senshi upgraded transformation powers, The Prince Who Likes Coke and Peanuts tells the senshi the Legend of the Sleeping Messiah. The Sleeping Messiah is prophesized to lay dormant until talismans are gathered and the Messiah awakens, destroying the world in the process. The B*tches 5 plan to awaken the Messiah and only the power of the Holy Milk Pail can stop them. After failing in her first attempt to kill the senshi, Madame Deatrich casts a spell to turn the senshi against each other, and the senshi battle begins!

Episode 11: Trapped in a Game: The Senshi Travel Through an Evil Dimension: After Valerie almost kills Julie (even though she was aiming for Niki), the senshi realize that they are under a B*tch's spell and they recover. The B*tches 5 and their leader Caroline St. Ramen show no mercy after Madame Deatrich's second failure, and B*tch #2 quickly takes her place. While the ex-freshmen senshi are playing a video game at Niki's house, Niki is thrilled to see her mentor, the Great Walrus as a game character. Niki leaps into the television and is carried away into an alternate dimension, leaving the other senshi no choice but to follow her. The senshi don't realize that the video game dimension is ruled by a vengeful witch, determined to keep Niki from ever finding the Walrus.

Episode 12: To Escape the Evil Dimension: A New Power is Called: The senshi continue to journey through the video game dimension although the witch has cast a landscape warping spell, making every step to be treacherous. The senshi and Niki reunite and meet with the Great Walrus who gives them a terrible warning - one of them is the Sleeping Messiah, and she will betray them all. After discovering a secret back-entrance to the dimension's mountain lair, the senshi run into a witch who turns Bob into a newt. To save Bob's life, the senshi must defeat the witch in a board game of their choice. When Niki beats the witch in a game of Parcheesi, the witch attacks, only to be defeated by two new arrivals - Sailor Moo and Alexia, now a senshi from the future known as Sailor Mini Moo.

Episode 13: The Shocking Truth: Revealed Identities: The senshi have returned to Loserville from the video game dimension, knowing nothing about a mysterious team of superheroes from the 80s, or the fact that B*tch #2 and B*tch #3 have joined forces. Julie is shocked when she discovers in a dream that she and Greg have divorced in the future, and Valerie is shocked to see Mountain Dew and Cashews, former henchman, at Country Club High. MC is about to disclose information to the senshi when they stumble through a doorway into a misty time dimension. A mystical disembodied voice known as Sailor Chocolate reveals that MC is really Sailor Special K before sending the senshi on their new quest.

Episode 14: A Kidnapping Plot! The Coming of the Talismans (Into the Woods): In true Sondheim musical fashion, the senshi must go on a quest into the woods to seek out four talismans: the cape as red as blood, the slipper as pure as gold, the hair as yellow as corn, and the cow as white as milk. When all four talismans are combined the Holy Milk Pail will appear! Without the senshi's knowledge, Superheros from the 80s (disguised as teachers) have met to discuss their plans for destroying Niki before she awakens as the Messiah. Meanwhile, a sickly Niki leaves her home to find her friends before her true self awakens, only to be kidnapped by the B*tches 5.

Episode 15: Shadow of Destruction! The Sleeping Messiah Awakens: After discovering that Niki had been kidnapped, the remaining senshi face off against B*tch #2 and #3, successfully defeating them. At school the next day Valerie runs into a strange girl with a mystical and disembodied voice who can't tell time. Minutes later, Valerie is shocked to witness several of her teachers as they transform into Superheroes from the 80s. While imprisoned in the B*tches 5 secret lair, Niki is overcome as her hair grows exceptionally long and she transforms into the dreaded world-destroyer the Sleeping Messiah, also known as Mistress 13.

Episode 16: Bob Dies. And There is Much Rejoicing: The senshi discover a castle in the Loserville woods from which they retrieve the cow as white as milk, the last of the four talismans. With Sailor Chocolate's help, they finally succeed in summoning the Holy Milk Pail! On their way out of the woods, Bob dies during the crossing of a perilous bridge and the senshi rejoice. While in pursuit of Bitch #4, the senshi find the secret entrance to the B*tches' underground lair and they enter, prepared to face the evil that Niki has become.

Episode 17: Fear of Approaching Darkness! The Struggle of the Eight Soldiers: While the Sailor Senshi battle with Bitch #4, Alexia is kidnapped and taken to Mistress 13 who must eat the heart of a Sailor Senshi to gain her full power. Treachery amongst the B*tches leads to #4's death and the senshi must face #5, the most powerful B*tch and an evil French teacher from Valerie's past. The Superheroes from the 80s step in to help but are rendred powerless. Mid-battle, Jeff, and a still-living Bob join in the fight and the last of the B*tches is defeated. The senshi hurry to rescue Alexia but they are too late. RA, back from the dead, banishes them once again, this time through the Dimension of Unspecified Location.

Episode 18: And Then There Were None: As they recover from RA's attack, the senshi find themselves scattered and far from the B*tches' lair. On their way back to stop Niki, they encounter many obstacles, straight out of a Monty Python movie. One by one, the senshi face the obstacles and perish, sacrificing themselves to save the others. Ecco is mauled by a vicious rabbit, Chocolate is banished back to the Mists of Time for breaking four taboos, and Unico is blown up while trying to avenge Ecco's death.

Episode 19: And Then There Were REALLY None: As the senshi struggle to reach Mistress 13, the deaths continue to mount. Jeff is killed by RA as payback, Valerie defeats a black knight in a duel before tripping over his sword and stabbing herself, and Bob is smooshed to death by animals thrown from a French castle. By the time Julie and Special K, the only two living senshi, make it back to the lair, a bored Mistress 13 has already disposed of Caroline St. Ramen. As Julie faces off against the Sleeping Messiah, she pleads with Niki to fight the evil that has consumed her. Inside her mind, Niki finds a reason to fight against the evil and tries to regain control of her body. She succeeds in defeating Mistress 13, but the Pharaoh's ascension has already begun, and Niki sacrifices herself to save the world. With the power of the Holy Milk Pail, Julie is able to once again bring all of her friends back to life for another happy ending.


Episode 20: A Return to Normalcy: A new school year has started and the ex-ex-freshmen are finally upperclassmen. Julie, now a senior, has decided that she's no longer in love with Greg, although he is still in love with her. Meanwhile, a Princess from another galaxy has been kidnapped and her guardians are desperate to find her before she is assassinated by the evil galactic Emperor. Hovering in space not far from Earth are the Emperor's main warriors - seven Sailor Senshi determined to carry out their master's evil plans to destroy the Earth! After attending a concert by Nutzi Tunz, an extremely popular new boy band, the senshi of Earth begin a ritual to bring Sailor Chocolate back from banishment for breaking her taboos.

Episode 21: Chocolate Returns! The Matchmaking Begins: As the Sailor Senshi perform the ritual to save Chocolate, a mysterious blue-haired freshman named Lisa is spying on them. The next day at school, the senshi (plus an unbanished Eva) discover that the members of the Nutzi Tunz boy band will be attending Country Club High. Niki, Valerie, and Mallory each fall head over heels for the Nutzi Tunz band members that they meet - the non-existent Timm, the pointy-eared Elfyn, and the shy (but normal) Me. Later that day while walking home from school, Bob accidentally pushes Lisa out of the way of the path of a speeding car, unintentionally saving the freshman's life.

Episode 22: An Accidental Rescue: Ten Sailor Senshi Gather: After Bob saves Lisa from Julie's bad driving, the senshi are joined by Alexia and The Fairy Who Likes Coke and Peanuts. The Fairy and Alexia explain that after Mistress 13 was defeated, some of the great powers Niki possessed were passed along to another future Messiah, the most powerful of all of the senshi. Lisa, the currently unconscious freshman, is the future Messiah and the tenth and final Sailor Senshi, and she must be protected. When Lisa awakens to discover that Bob had saved her, she expresses her admiration for the blonde a little too strongly. Before the senshi leave the Moo Kingdom, a crazy girl with mysterious color-changing eyes appears and verbally insults them before vanishing again.

Episode 23: There's Someone in the Backyard. Let's Have a Sleepover!: Mallory, Valerie, and Niki have all made Saturday night dates with the Nutzi Tunz band members, not realizing that the band was only a cover for alien guardians on the search for their kidnapped princess. Valerie, fearing that her backyard has become overrun with rapists, suggests that they change their dates to her house and have all of the senshi patrol for protection. The senshi from outer space are eager to investigate the strange Loserville girls and they go on a spy mission, landing in Valerie's backyard. When they accidentally break a window, the earth senshi are convinced that the house is under attack.

Episode 24: There's Someone in the House. Let's Play Hide-And-Go-Seek!: Under attack, the senshi and their dates flee for cover, taking up positions all over the house as the outer space senshi invade the house to discover if the mysterious girls are a threat to their Emperor's master plans. While in hiding, Lisa overhears the Emperor's plot to overthrow the Republic, and the evil Sailor Pink overhears Niki telling Timm that he could never be the perfect man - the one that she would reveal all of her secrets to. When the two senshi teams finally meet face to face, the outer space senshi and band members are cast from the house in a wave of power. Julie has finally appeared with a new power up from a caffeinated beverage of the future.

Episode 25: S.I.M.O.N. (Da Da Da): After the bizarre Saturday night dating adventures, the Nutzi Tunz band members suspect that their dates and the girls who attacked may have something to do with their missing princess. Julie reveals to the other senshi that she has an illegitimate daughter from the future, her second child, after divorcing The Prince. Meanwhile, Sailor Pink has created a robot in the image of Niki's perfect man to infiltrate the Sailor Senshi of Earth and learn all of their secrets. Their plan works as Niki falls in love with S.I.M.O.N., but when she introduces him to the others, they realize he is a robot and S.I.M.O.N. attacks. When Julie loses her newest transformation, a heartbroken Niki is the only one strong enough to destroy her perfect man.

Episode 26: The One Where Everyone Finds Out: Ever since S.I.M.O.N.'s demise, Niki has been acting strangely and the senshi suspect that she may be possessed. Special K, acting as a liaison between the band members and the senshi of Earth, sets up a meeting, recognizing the need to join forces. Both sides reveal their secret identities and they become fast allies. A Friday night Nutzi Tunz concert meant to summon their Princess is interrupted when the senshi from outer space appear, Niki at their side, possessed by a clam spirit. Julie's failed attempt to achieve her ultimate transformation helps Niki to break free of the possession, just in time for the Princess everyone has been waiting for to appear. The evil senshi attack and the Princess is killed.

Episode 27: The Mysterious Appearance of Crazy Girl: The Senshi Visit the Matrix of Time: The outer space senshi's victory is short lived once they realize that they killed the decoy princess. The crazy girl with mysterious color-changing eyes appears and everyone realizes that she is the true Princess. Before the evil senshi can attack, the Earth senshi and band members vanish in a flash of light, only to find themselves floating in the hazy Mists of Time. The Architect, ruler of the Matrix of Time appears and informs the senshi that they must participate in a reality television series called Battle of the Senshi or the earth will be destroyed.

Episode 28: Trapped in a Reality TV Show: Battle of the Senshi: Having no other choice, the Earth senshi agree to participate in the games. There are a total of six challenges, and in case of a tie, the senshi leaders, Julie and Sailor Cranberry, must compete in the Ultimate Showdown. If the senshi lose, they will be trapped in the Mists of Time, dooming the whole universe. The Sailor Senshi are paired with band members against the outer space senshi and villains from their pasts - Mr. Mister, Jeff, Evil, Evil, Jeff, Professor Smeezer, Candicinsm, Caroline St. Raman, and Madam Deatrich. Both teams manage three victories each, a tie to be broken by the Ultimate Showdown!

Episode 29: War of the Worlds: Showdown: Before the Showdown, Julie goes on a pilgrimage to the desert for advice from a spirit guide - the Original Sailor Senshi. The spirit guide tells Julie that death is her gift and that love will lead her to her gift. While participating in the Showdown, Julie realizes that they have been lied to - there's no way to save all of her teammates, even if she wins. When confronted with the Big Wheel that will determine which of her friends are saved and which are thrown through a portal to their deaths, Julie makes the ultimate sacrifice. Realizing that she cares for her friends and that death is the gift she can give them, Julie throws herself through the portal.

Episode 30: Senshi of the Caribbean: At World's End: Julie's sacrifice ends the game and the Earth senshi are once again transported to the Mists of Time. The senshi manage to commandeer a ship and they sail it to Davy Jones' Locker to save their leader who is trapped somewhere between life and death. The senshi rescue Julie, picking up the crazy girl along the way. The crazy girl sings a song prophesizing the rise of Lisa, the new messiah who will help keep the senshi line from dying out. With some bad logic and quick problem solving, the senshi manage to sail out of the Mists of Time and back to Loserville.

SMoo Randomness:
Julie: You mean we’re IN The Matrix? Well, I DO know Kung Fu.