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The Outer Awards

While the 80th Annual Academy Awards may have drawn 32 million pairs of eyes to the star-studded Hollywood Kodak Theatre on February 24th, 2008, it was by no means the only awards ceremony of the night.

Another smaller, though no-less short-skirted, awards ceremony took place near the ghetto of Beau Chene in Loserville, where dozens of superheroes and their furry sidekicks came together to celebrate the 1st Annual Outer Awards, a ceremony honoring the best of the best in parody shoujo adventure stories.

The winners are as follows.

Achievement in Freshmen Abusing
Sailor Moo

Achievement in Parodying Shoujo Anime
Sailor Psychy

Achievement in Psychic Fire Readings (More or Less)
Sailor Ecco

Achievement in Musical Stardom
Nutsi Tunz

Best Performance by a Mentor, Female
Krystina the Cat

Best Performance by a Mentor, Male
Mr. Walrus

Best Performance by a Senshi in the Role of a Major Villain
Sailor 24601 as Mistress 13

Best Performance by a Cameo Character in the Role of a Major Villain
Cajun Man as Mr. Mister

Best Performance by a Former Henchman Turned Short-Skirted Superhero
Mountain Dew and Cashews as Sailor Special K

Best Performance by a Former Henchman Turned Unattractive Boyfriend / Informant
Jeff, Evil, Evil, Jeff

Best Performance by a Transgendered Character
Alexia as Sailor Mini Moo / Alex

Most Consistently Confused
Sailor Unico

Most Consistently Foul-Mouthed
The Fairy Who Likes Coke and Peanuts

Most Consistently Non-Existent

Most Deserving of a Thorough Thrashing by a Conveniently Located Stick
Sailor Unknown

Most Forgettable Performance in the Role of a Best Friend
Polly (who?) Exactly.

Lifetime Achievement Award for Door Watching
Sailor Chocolate

Lifetime Achievement Award for Tuxedo Wearing
Tuxedo Diego / The Prince Who Likes Coke and Peanuts

Lifetime Achievement Award for Failing to Attain Ex-Freshman Status
Sailor Meow

Join us next year for the 2nd Annual Outer Awards. Be sure to make your nominations at the SMoo forum!

SMoo Randomness:
Candicinsm: I am ten times more evil than Jeff was! Compared to me, he was the Diet Coke of evil. One evil power, not evil enough!